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Up in the Air

So this is it!  I’m currently on a Singapore Air flight somewhere over the Pacific, on my way to Hong Kong, then Singapore, then Bangkok.  It’s a long flight – about 24 hours of total travel – but it’s nice to relax after a truly epic going away weekend.  Oh and it was also my birthday yesterday, so you can bet there were definitely some exhaustingly fun times leading up to this.

It was really special to see everyone who made it out to at least some part of the weekend, and it really reminded me of all the treasures I’m leaving behind in San Francisco. Goodbyes always suck, but seeing all my beautiful, amazing friends made me confident that, whatever happens, I have a pretty stellar track record when it comes to making positive life decisions.

Michelle and I are on different flights right now, but they have roughly the same timetable, so we were able to hang out at the airport for a little while before takeoff.  Her flight was a bit earlier than mine, and I sent her off with a “See you in Bangkok!” which was slightly surreal to say.  Also, her carry-on backpack was only filled with snacks, including a giant bag of goldfish crackers.  I appreciate that, as well as the evident focus on food that this trip will likely have.

…And a bonus postscript especially for those at karaoke last night: as some of you may remember, the song “Orinoco Flow” (or Sail Away) by Enya played a small but fabulous role in this weekend.  Earlier in this flight I was watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and, during a scene where the serial killer has his victim strung up and ready for torture, he puts on that song to get aroused.  It was a pretty special moment, and gave me my first tiny bout of homesickness.  Katie, that one is for you.