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Going Down (Under)

In a few days I’m moving to Australia.  I don’t know for how long but, as always, anything is possible.

Like my ticket to Bangkok, I was kind of drunk when I bought a flight to Perth two months ago.  It was my first night in Vietnam, I was hanging out at a bar with the only two expats who lived in the town, and I used the wifi to check my email using my phone.  Is that ever a good idea in a bar?  Personally I don’t think so but based on the fact I do it every time I have the opportunity it doesn’t seem to have registered with me yet.  In this case, doing so gave me an excuse to avoid the increasingly inappropriate advances of one of the old men, so I became more engrossed in the activity than I normally would be.  Long story short, AirAsia was having a sale and 15 minutes later I had bought a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, Western Australia, on November 15.  It was $130.  You probably don’t need context to know that, drunk purchase or no, that’s a really good deal.

Since then I’ve had this date to look forward to.  I decided soon after I bought the ticket that I was going use Australia to settle down and take a break from backpacking.  By the time I get there, I’ll have been homeless for 7 months.  While fun and liberating, unpacking and repacking your life every few nights does get tiresome.  I guess that in my old age I’m finally getting domestic urges: I want to unpack all of my clothes, and hang them all up - I want to have more than three outfits to choose from.  I want to go grocery shopping and cook for myself, buy wine for later and chill liquor in the freezer.  I want to have friends that I can call up and do nothing with.  I want to go on actual dates again (not that wandering Khao San Road together, drinking beer on the street in the neon glow of the ping pong show lights isn’t hella romantic and all), awesome dates that I’ll plan based on my local expertise.  I want to buy tickets to shows in advance, I want to have opinions on all my local bars, I want to have bloody mary supplies always on hand, I want to do my own laundry, I want to take home leftovers, I want any stray hairs on my bed to just be my own (in a hostel, it’s always a mystery).  I want to master the local transport and I’ll also own a bike.  And dammit, I want a gelato rewards card.  And all these things will happen, because I will make them.

The last time I was Down Unda I cuddled the world’s cutest marsupial, so I know anything’s possible:

I leave Thursday night and arrive in Perth Friday morning.  I already have weekend plans set up with some locals, starting with a bike ride to the beach immediately after I land.  This is the weather forecast for the weekend; in Australia, the schools are letting out and that infectious summer buzz is just starting to bloom…

….yeah.  This is going to be good.

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